We have a preference for materials, textiles, and processes that catch the eye and invite investigation.

Good design takes time, evokes an emotional experience, creates atmosphere, and is purposeful. The crafted moments of our work take time and lead to innovation.


David McEachin, Marketing and Business Development

The “detailing and lightness” of the facade addition is very respectful of the historic context in Manhattan.


Chairperson, Landmarks Commission

I see our work as both beautiful and connected. We strive to problem solve in unique ways through a series of connected moments.


Brook H. Quach, Senior Designer

We design seriously via the subtle marriage of simple spatial strategies and elegant detailing that respects the craft. In the studio we foster an environment that enables the designer, because at the end of the day, good design is good decisions.


Thomas Julliard Zoli, Principal

Vacation living is redefined in this Nantucket house, where the lines between rooms, floors and the outdoors blur.


N Magazine