Throughout 70 Charlton, interiors spring from Workshop/APD's signature "Crafted Modern" design philosophy: materials, textures, processes that say, ‘do touch.’

We’re stitching the lobbies together with an undulating wall that weaves inside through the breezeway and back out into the other lobby. That single design element was the guiding force for all of the public space design.


Andrew Kotchen, as quoted in Downtown Magazine

Any space that you’re in there’s always the contrast between clean, crisp, and the natural edge. We’ve tried to strike that balance throughout. We try to bring to it something that embodies a larger vision.


Andrew Kotchen, as quoted in Downtown Magazine

I see our work as both beautiful and connected. We strive to problem solve in unique ways through a series of connected moments.


Brook H. Quach, Senior Designer

Clean, simple and elegant, the architecture and interior design by Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman of Workshop/APD melds industrial with natural.


N Magazine